Welcome to Cascade

Cascade is an innovative no-code data app toolkit designed to empower analysts and give them control over their data. Integrating datasets is a quick and easy process with Cascade. It's a comprehensive solution to clean, merge, and transform data before scheduling and publishing it back to the database. Cascade has revolutionized data-logic with a no-code experience. Book a Demo with an expert to build your first workflow.

Transform your workflow into a Data App and unlock a world of possibilities. The ops team can construct an internal dashboard for easy data access. Set up a partner data integration portal for streamlined info sharing. With a Cascade Data App, unleash a wealth of insights to a range of clients. Explore potential applications in the Data App Gallery.

With just three simple steps, it is possible to streamline your data logic and empower your colleagues to make well-informed decisions using Cascade.


Harness your data with a Cascade workflow. Ignite the process by importing your data. Leverage your capabilities by integrating with a database.

  • Upload files such as CSV or XLSX

  • Take your data analysis to the next level with a seamless integration and connect to databases like Snowflake or Postgres

  • Take advantage of the 100+ integrations with cloud based technologies

Build a workflow

Link analytical tools to your data repository. Establish a data-driven process for cleaning, transforming and combining. Connect fresh sources to replicate and expand your investigation.

Getting Started with Workflows? See Build Your First Workflow

Share a Data App

Package your workflow logic into a streamlined dashboard without any coding. Incorporate charts, tables, and interactive controls into your data app and then share it with collaborators and clients.

  • Dynamic Workflows enable partners to submit files via your data app.

  • Global Variables give colleagues the ability to tweak and reprocess your data app.

  • Finally, deploy your workflow to maintain version control.

New to Data Apps? See Build Your First Data App

We are so pleased to have you building data logic in Cascade. We'd love to hear what you think. Shoot us a note at support@cascade.io.

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