Returns a value of a specific index within a column, partitioned by the unique values of a separate column

INDEXBY( column, integer, partition column, [sort column] , [ascending])

Indexes a given column when grouped by unique values within a partition column

INDEXBY() is a window function, which performs like INDEX() except partitioned by the unique values of a different column.





Column to index


Index of indexed column to ouput

partition column

Column containing unique values

[sort column]

Optional. Column with which to sort partitioned rows by. Defaults to index.


Optional. Enter True to sort in ascending order (default), or False to sort in descending order.


Outputs a given index from each partitioned group within the indexed column


Let's say that we want to find the first state in each region in a table. We have a table that lists each state and its corresponding region -- by using INDEXBY({State}, 1, {Region}) , we can select the first state for whatever region that state is in.

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