Data Locker

The Cascade Data Locker is an ideal place to store data coming in-to and out-of your workflows. From any workflow, add the Publish to Data Locker tool to your canvas, and any connected datasets will be forwarded to the Data Locker. Inversely, the Import from Data Locker tool will pull a dataset from the Data Locker and make it available on any workflow canvas. In brief, Data Locker is a simple file storage system, accessible by any team member in the workspace.

Publishing to Data Locker

Use the Publish to Data Locker tool to send any connected dataset(s) from the workflow to the Data Locker. Each time you run your workflow, it will publish again, updating the dataset(s). Most users will publish tabular data to the locker. However charts, models, validations, and JSON can all be sent to the Data Locker for storage.

  • Name: Required, this field will rename the dataset you are sending to the Data Locker. Any Global Variables on your canvas can be templated into the name.

  • Description: Optional, this field will provide a description for the the dataset published to the Data Locker. Any Global Variables on your canvas can be templated into the description.

  • Destination: If left blank, the tool will publish to the root directory of Data Locker. If a folder-name is provided, the published dataset(s) will be placed into a folder, in your Data Locker. Any Global Variables on your canvas can be templated into name of the destination folder.

Uploading to Data Locker

You may choose to upload files directly to the Data Locker, outside of the context of you workflow. This can be helpful in cases where data from a file will be used in multiple workflows, or when the size of the file is larger than the Import File tool can support.

  1. Navigate to the Data Locker section in your workspace. Or to a folder in Data Locker, where you intend to upload your file.

  2. Click on Add File.

  3. Confirm your file type, header rows, and delimiters. Please note, only CSV and Parquet files are currently supported.

  4. Simply drag & drop your file. Or click on the drop-zone to select a file from your operating system's menu.

  5. Click Upload.

The process of uploading may take some time depending on the size of the file. Please do not close the tab or navigate away from the page to other pages in the workspace while the upload is ongoing.

Once the file has uploaded successfully, it may take a few additional minutes to process in the background before it can be used in a workflow.

Importing from Data Locker

Use the Import from Data Locker tool to fetch a dataset (or datasets) from the Data Locker, making it available on your workflow canvas.

Simply select the dataset you would like to import from the configuration panel on the right hand side of the tool. Select multiple datasets to create a set of sheets. They will behave as any other Import tool.

File/Folder Management

Data Locker is a simple file/folder management system. New folders can be created from a workflow, but can also be added manually, from the menu icon in the header of Data Locker.

Files and folders can be renamed, moved, or deleted using the context menu associated with each file or folder in the Data Locker table.

To find the source workflow (or origin) of a file, click on the source link in the Data Locker table. The source workflow will open in a new browser tab.

Note: If you change file name or folder names from Data Locker, datasets being published there will not update. A new dataset will be created instead. We recommend using the Publish to Data Locker tool on you workflow canvas to make changes.

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