Build Your First Data App

Ready to get creative with your data?

Data Apps allow you to take your data analysis to the next level! Quickly and easily create custom visualizations to share with others. Building a Data App is a simple process with only a few steps, so you can be sure to have a comprehensive view of your data in no time. Present your data with power and elegance with Data Apps.

Unleash your inner data artist and let your data app be the star of the show!

The breadth and depth of apps you can build is only limited by your creativity. Some great examples can be found at the Cascade Data App Gallery.

Send to Data App

With a few clicks, you can share a Pivot tool containing an insightful table, the output of a Filter tool configured to reference a Global Variable, or even a Chart tool containing a key bar chart. It's easy - just right-click on the tool node and click "Send to Data App" from the context menu, or click the "Send to Data App" icon in the data-preview panel.


To incorporate a table into your Data App, simply right-click any tool with a table in the data-preview panel and select 'Send to Data App'.


Charts, originating from the Chart tool or ARIMA Forecast, are a highly valuable asset in Data Apps.

Right-click on any Chart tool, or tool displaying a chart visual in the data-preview panel and select ‘Send to Data App’.


Validation can be achieved using the Validate tool in any Cascade workflow. This powerful tool provides the necessary verification for accuracy and assurance of a successful workflow execution.

Right-click on any validate tool to add its corresponding table from the data-preview panel, and select ‘Send to Data App’.

Craft your Data Story

Cascade Data Apps enable users to create a personalized experience on their Data App pages. Through drag and drop, users can arrange individual blocks - including headers, text bodies and markdown - into their desired order.

To add new blocks, simply click the plus (+) button. With an array of choices, the possibilities of customization are endless!

Share a Data App

Sharing a Data App is a breeze. Just click the 'Share App' button in the top-right corner and create a 'New Shareable Link'. Once the link is established, you can adjust the configurations to suit your needs.

As a builder of a Data App, your job is complete. Your audience can now interact with the app, seeing a polished version of your Data App page. Not only can they access the data story, but they can also manipulate variables and upload files to craft their own view. Thus, end users such as your client or teammate, or any other shared link user, can explore the Data App and customize their experience and your use case.

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