Select records from a table based on row criteria

The Filter tool allows users to filter any table based on an expression.



Filter Expression

Build a boolean expression using Cascade Expression Operators. Filter your selected table based off of any columns available.

Limit (optional)

Limit prompt operates as a built in Sample tool. After filtering your data based on the expression prompt, users have the option of using the Limit prompt to reduce the size of the output table. For example, after filtering, enter "100" into the limit prompt to shrink the output table to the first 100 rows.

Filter Expression Configuration

Cascade's Expression Builder is a dynamic tool that is available in multiple tools throughout the platform. The Filter tool utilizes the expression builder to create custom filter logic using the selected table as well as any available variables.

To build a Filter Expression, simply click into the expression box next to the fx and begin typing your expression logic. As you type, drop downs will appear to assist in autofilling functions, columns and variables that are available for use in the expression.

As seen in the graphic below, Global Variables can be used within Filter Expressions as dynamic variables. Simply start typing the name of your global variable in the Filter expression and it will show up as a selectable option in the dropdown list.

Once your table is filtered, use the "Limit" prompt to shrink your results to a desired sample size.


Filter expressions can be equalities:

{State} = "CA" -> All records with state equal to CA

{State} != "CA" -> All records with state not equal to CA

Or inequalities:

{Population} > 1000000 -> All records with population greater than 1 million

{Population} <= 1000000 -> All records with population less than or equal to 1 million

Conditions may also be combined:

AND({State} = "CA", {Population} > 1000000) << All records with state equal to CA and population greater than 1 million

OR({State} = "CA", {Population} > 1000000)<< All records with state equal to CA or population greater than 1 million

Or nested:

AND(OR({State} = "CA", {State} = "NY"), {Population} > 1000000) << All records with state equal to CA or NY, and population greater than 1 million

Check out Cascade's full selection of functions available for use in the Filter Expression here.


Once you've completed your filter expression and have created your new filtered table, you'll notice two tabs available in the tool view:

The first tab labeled Filter - True will show you the results for the desired filtered table based on your expression. The Filter - False tab will show you the data that was filtered out of your table in your expression. Both of these tables are available for use downstream in your workflow.

As you can see in the image above of a configured Filter tool, there are two output nodes. To use the Filter - True table, connect to the top right node, and to use the Filter - False table, connect to the bottom right node.

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