Run Logs

Track your workflow runs and run details

The Run Logs tab is available to track successful or failed workflow runs as well as details about each run. Run Logs are tracked for each version of a workflow - select a workflow version at the top-right to find its run logs.


Run Datetime - the exact date and (local) time that the workflow run occurred

Duration - how long it took for the workflow to run

Status - Either "Successful" or "Errored"; represents whether or not the workflow was able to run without any issues or errors along the way

Trigger - Either "Manual" or "Scheduled"; represents whether the workflow was run by a user or by a preset schedule

To see more details on each workflow run, simply click on the row in the table to drill into specifics about that run.

In this view, you can see which specific tools in the workflow failed and the details on why they failed. With this context, you can go back into the canvas, make the necessary changes to fix the broken tools, and re-run your workflow successfully.

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