The Cascade workspace is your ideal repository for workflows, integrations, the data locker, and data apps. You can customize and organize your workflows and assets, personal settings, and team settings within the workspace.

Personal Workspace

When you create an account and login to Cascade, you will be in your own personal workspace. This personal workspace will store all your personally owned workflows, integrations, and files uploaded to the Data Locker. You are unable to rename personal workspace, nor can you add members to it.

The Personal Workspace is an optimal place to create workflows and deploy Data Apps that can then be shared to other workspaces.

Create New Workspace

Users can create new workspaces for sharing with their teams. Workspaces are a great way to organize and share workflows and data apps.

All the data files uploaded to the Data Locker in a particular workspace, and the integrations configured, are owned by that workspace and its members.

Be sure to use a workspace name that is easy to remember and recognize.

Identify your workspace

At the top left corner of the Cascade interface, you can identify which workspace you are working in. When you close Cascade, it will remember the last workspace you were working in for the next time.

Adding team members to a workspace

In workspace settings, you can add new and existing team members to your canvas. These team members can collaborate on workflows, and have access to the data stored in the Data Locker and configured Integrations.

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