A conditional tool evaluates an expression and halts downstream execution of the workflow if the execution equates to False. This is a helpful tool to only execute parts of a workflow based on certain conditions, potential examples include:

  • Send an email only if a certain number of shipments have order priority of High

  • Publishing a dataset to a data warehouse only if your dataset passes specific validation logic.

When writing your conditional expression, it's required that the expression evaluates to a boolean - true or false. Examples of boolean expressions include:

ANY({OrderStatus} = "High") - Return true if any record has an OrderStatus of "High".

ALL({OrderStatus} = "High") - Return true if all records have an OrderStatus of "High".

AVG({Sales}) > 5000 - Return true if the average of a sales column is greater than 5000.

ISNULL({var!Threshold}) - Return true if the global variable Threshold is not defined.

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