Azure Blob Storage

Integrate with Azure to gain publish-access from Cascade to Azure Blob Storage. Any team member(s) with access to the workspace in which the connection is created will have access to publish to the integrated Azure Blob Storage account.

Workspace: Configure your Integration

In the top-left corner, confirm the workspace you are about to integrate with Azure Blob Storage. Any team members with access to this workspace will gain access to the integration.

  • From the left-nav of your workspace select the "Integrations" tab

  • Select the "New Integration" button in the top-right corner

  • Select "Azure Blob Storage" to create a new (or additional) integration with Azure

  • In the provided field, name your integration

    • Note: Any name may be provided. However, it may be simplest to label it with the Azure Blob Storage account name

  • Next, fill out your Azure "Connection String"

  • Click "Test & Save" - if connection is successful, status should update to "Connected"

Canvas: Publish to Integration

At the moment Cascade only provides publish access to Azure Blob Storage. Open a new or existing workflow from the now-integrated workspace. You'll be able to add the "Publish to Integration" tool to your canvas.

  • From the tool side panel, select "Publish to Integration" to drill in

  • Drag "Publish to Azure Blob" from the tool side panel to your canvas

    • Connect it to the upstream dataset you wish to publish to Azure Blob Storage

  • Select the Publish to Azure Blob tool to configure it. Options include:

    • Select Integration

      • Select the integration, named in an earlier step, for this Azure Blob account

    • Container

      • Enter the container within your Azure account you would like to publish your objects to

    • Blob

      • Enter the blob key (the file path) of the specific object you would like to publish to within your Azure Blob container

    • Output Options

      • Select "Overwrite" to publish over any existing data in Azure

      • Select "Disable Publishing" to disable workflow from publishing new data to the Azure Blob Storage

        • Use this option during workflow building and testing so non-finalized datasets are not pushed to Azure

    • Publish File Type

      • Select the file type you would like to publish to Azure Blob Storage:

        • CSV

        • Parquet

        • Excel

        • Hyper

Don't get blocked by a data integration. If you need help configuring and integration or would like to recommend an integration, join the Cascade Slack Community, tell us what you're after :)

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