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Amazon S3

Integrate with Amazon S3 to gain publish-access from Cascade to Amazon S3 buckets. Any team member(s) with access to the workspace will be able to publish data to the S3 bucket.

Workspace: Configure your Integration

In the top-left corner, confirm the workspace you are about to integrate with Amazon S3. Any team members with access to this workspace will gain access to the integration.
  • From the left-nav of your workspace, select the "Integrations" tab
  • Select the "New Integration" button in the top-right corner
  • Select "Amazon S3" to create a new (or additional) integration with Amazon S3
  • In the provided field, name your integration
    • Note: Any name may be provided. However, it may be simplest to label it with the Amazon S3 account name.
  • Next, fill out your AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key
  • Click "Test & Save" - if connection is successful, status should update to "Connected".

Canvas: Publish to Integration

At the moment, Cascade only provides publish access to Amazon S3. Open a new or existing workflow from the now integrated workspace. You'll be able to add the "Publish to Amazon S3" tool to your canvas.
  • From the tool side panel, select "Publish to Integration" to drill in
  • Drag "Publish to Amazon S3" from the tool side panel to your canvas
    • Connect it to the upstream dataset you wish to publish to Amazon S3
  • Select the Publish to Amazon S3 tool to configure it, options include:
    • Select Integration
      • Select the integration, named in an earlier step, for this Amazon S3 account
    • Bucket
      • Enter the bucket container name within your S3 account you would like to publish your objects to
    • Key
      • Enter the key (the file path) of the object you would like to publish to within your S3 bucket
        • This can be an already existing key that you're overwriting or a new key that will be written to
    • Output Options
      • Select "Overwrite" to publish over any existing data in Amazon S3
      • Select "Disable Publishing" to disable workflow from publishing new data to the Amazon S3 bucket
        • Use this option during workflow building and testing so non-finalized datasets are not pushed to S3
    • Publish File Type
      • Select the file type you would like to publish to S3:
        • CSV
        • Parquet
        • Excel
        • Hyper
Don't get blocked by a data integration. If you need help configuring and integration or would like to recommend an integration, join the Cascade Slack Community, tell us what you're after :)