Calculates the number of time steps between two dates

DATEDIF(start date, end date, part)

Returns the differences between pairs of dates/times.




start date

Date/time value(s) corresponding to start date

end date

Date/time value(s) corresponding to end date


Part of the date/time objects to calculate the difference by. Supported parts:

  • years or year or yrs or yr or Y

  • months or month or mths or mth or M

  • weeks or week or wks or wk or W

  • days or day or d or D

  • hours or hour or hrs or hr or h

  • minutes or minute or mins or min or m

  • seconds or second or secs or sec or s

  • ms (milliseconds)


Differences between starting and ending dates/times.

Each difference is a whole number representing full date part differences between the end and start dates/times.

These whole numbers can be positive or negative. Fractional differences are rounded down to the nearest whole number.


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