Publish via Email

Publish via Email sends tables (CSV, XLSX, HYPER) or charts (PNG) to email recipients of your choice.

Publish via Email allows you to share tables or charts from your Cascade workflow with up to 20 email addresses. Every time this tool is run in your workflow an email will be triggered.

Any charts in your input to Publish to Email will always be sent as PNG objects. Any tables in your input will be sent as the "File Type" selection.



Recipient Email Addresses (required)

Add email addresses by typing them into the box and pressing enter for each one. Max of 20.

Email Subject

Subject of the email. Default will be

"(no subject)".

Email Body

Body of the email. Default will be left blank.

File Type (required)

Select between CSV, Excel or Tableau for table inputs.

Files sent through Publish to Email will only represent the most recently deployed version of your workflow. See the Workflow Deployment page for details on how to make sure your workflow is deployed.

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