💬How to leave comments on a workflow

Cascade allows for annotation and customization

Cascade stands out from generic spreadsheets due to its capacity to document processes and arrange workflows. This can be done by renaming tools or leaving a substantial message or link on the Canvas.

Step 1 - Right Click

To put an annotation or comment, right click anywhere and select ‘Annotate Canvas’.

Step 2 - Edit

Then, hit the Pencil or edit button to write on the annotation.

Step 3 - Save

Once the changes are done, click the Save icon or anywhere on the Canvas to save the annotation.

Bonus - Color Picker

For additional customization, use the Color Picker to modify the color of the annotation.

Drap and Drop

You can then drag and drop it to any part of the canvas that pleases you.

What are the advantages of using Cascade?

Cascade provides an array of advantages for users. It allows for users to easily document processes and arrange workflows in a visual manner, collaborate with others on the workflow, and even track the progress of the workflow. Additionally, Cascade's annotation feature allows users to leave detailed comments and messages on the Canvas. This allows for easy communication between team members and a more organized workflow.

How can users customize annotations in Cascade?

Users can customize annotations in Cascade by using the Color Picker to modify the color of the annotation. Additionally, users can also drag and drop the annotation to any part of the Canvas that pleases them.

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