💬How to import a CSV file into the Data Locker

Learn how to import a CSV File into the Data Locker

Hosting data in the Data Locker is a great way to ensure your team is using the same data source when conducting any self-service analytics. It's a quick and efficient method to keep everyone on the same page, having immediate access to the same data.

Step 1

Navigate to the folder in Data Locker where you wish to store your CSV data.

Step 2

Click “Add File”.

Step 3

Go to the CSV file you want to import into Data Locker.

Step 4

Click ‘Upload’ and allow Cascade to process your data in Data Locker.

Attention! If you notice your data is being processed, please wait a few more minutes and you will be able to continue.

Step 5

Upon completion of Processing your file, you may access it within any workflow via the Import from Data Locker tool.

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