Stack tables with similar columns on top of each other

Append allows for the union of two or more datasets of similar shapes.




Table[s] to append - any table

Up to 64 tables may be linked to Append. Tables are appended in the order in which they are linked, with the first table appearing at the top.




Append based on position

If switched on, Append ignores column names and appends columns based on their position in the table.

The Append tool will not automatically update while in the tool view. When you are finished connecting nodes to the tool, click to open it and then click the 'Update' button in the bottom right corner to run. If you add or remove any connections to the Append tool, remember to re-run by clicking that 'Update' button for the changes to be reflected in the preview.

Tip: use the Validate Schema tool to check table alignment before appending tables together

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